Speaker Experience - Promote Attendee to Stage

The Promote Attendee to Stage panel provides attendees the ability to request to join presenters on webcam and microphone to ask to questions & provide their thoughts during a live webcast.


Best Practice!

Speakers & Moderators are responsible for Accepting & Rejecting Attendee requests in the Presenter Console. As a best practice, assign 1 or 2 Speakers/Moderators to manage the Promote to Attendee queue.


Limiting the approver role to select Speakers & Moderators ensures some Speakers can focus on the live engagement. Speakers & Moderators working behind the scenes can support the approval process.



Request to Join

Each webcast is unique & the panel location & label may vary. When the panel is active, Attendees can select the Request to Join button to join the question queue.



Accepting & Rejecting Requests

When a Request to Join is submitted, the Speakers will Accept or Reject requests.


Rejected requests will remove Attendees from the Attendee Queue panel. Attendees can click the Cancel Request button to remove themselves from the requested list. Attendees can elect to join the queue again after withdrawing their request.


Accepted requests will add the Attendee to the Source list.




Engaging with Speakers

When Attendees are added to the Approved Queue, a private Chat connected directly to the Speakers & Moderators is available.

Attendees can expect Speakers & Moderators to engage with them & all other users in the Approved queue in this chat.


Important! Greenroom & Promote Attendee to Stage

When using the Promote Attendee to Stage feature, accepted Attendees do not have the ability to toggle between Greenroom & Webcast Audio. If needed, a promoted Attendee can be added to the Greenroom and/or Webcast Audio by a Speaker, Moderator, or Admin user.


For more information, please refer to Speaker Experience: Greenroom


When prompted by the Speakers, the Attendee should be added to the webcast scene. When they appear in the Scene, they can verbally communicate with Speakers also present in the Scene.



When the Speaker & Attendee exchange ends, the Attendee will be removed from the Scene.



The Attendee can be left in the Attendee Queue to be brought back into the Scene. Or removed from the list by selecting the Return to Audience button.



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