Speaker Experience: Greenroom

Greenroom is a feature available on Studio webcasts that allows presenters, moderators, and other webcast staff to gather and communicate in a private virtual space prior to joining or during a live webcast.  

As a presenter, moderator, or webcast staffer, you can use this feature to prepare for the upcoming webcast, get comfortable with the technology, test your audio settings, and connect with other team members before going live.

During the webcast, Greenroom acts as a separate communication line for you to privately interact with active sources while the live webcast is ongoing. This means you can seamlessly coordinate with your team members and ensure a smooth flow of communication throughout the entire webcast.

Please note: The Greenroom feature is available for Webcam and Phone sources only and is only available to staffers with the Auto-Ask for Webcam/Mic permission enabled in their staffer settings. If this setting is unavailable in your source settings, reach out to your webcast administrator.

Greenroom is an audio-only line. To toggle between Greenroom and Webcast Audio, click on the drop-down in the My Devices menu. The option you select will dictate which “room” or audio feed is heard. The volume of both the Webcast Audio and Greenroom Audio can be adjusted using the existing volume controls within the Media Player panel in the layout.


Rehearsal Mode

When entering the webcast presenter console while the webcast remains in Rehearsal Mode, Greenroom will be the default audio location all staff connect to. The webcast administrator can control this location and may toggle between the audio options for speakers during pre-webcast testing. If a source in the Greenroom is pushed to Stage, the user will not be able to toggle back to Greenroom until they have been removed from the scene.

If the audio selection is changed and the console is refreshed prior to the start of the broadcast, this selection will be remembered in-browser.

Live Broadcast

When the webcast is ready to start, each speaker or the webcast admin should toggle the Webcast Audio option for all live presenters and anyone else who should listen to the webcast prior to clicking the Start Broadcast button.

If a presenter joins after the session has started, their audio will be toggled to the Webcast Audio by default. During the live webcast, the browser will no longer remember the audio setting and will always default to Webcast Audio if refreshed.

If a source in the Greenroom is pushed to Stage, Webcast Audio will be toggled on automatically. The user cannot toggle back to Greenroom until they are removed from the scene.


When the broadcast ends, sources will not be pushed back into the Greenroom automatically. Users can either be brought into the scene while in the Webcast Audio area, or the admin can manually shift each source back into the Greenroom to debrief.

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