Can I make a Polling Question NOT required?

Q: When I created a polling question, I'm not presented with the option to require the question versus not require the question whilst the attendee is viewing the webcast.  When I view the polling question, it automatically states (Required) next to the question.  Can I set the polling question to not required?

A:  (Required) will be present at all times once a polling question has been created.  Although this is present, the attendee is NOT required to answer the polling question and can still proceed watching the webcast as intended.

If you would like (Required) to be unseen and/or removed, add the following CSS:

.EventSurveyRequired {

Please note:  Inserting CSS requires the use of Platform Builder.  If you do not have access to Platform Builder, please reach out to Solutions through the Solutions Request Form.. Solutions will complete the update for you.

If the presentation is inside a Virtual Event you will be able to add the CSS text within Event Tools -> Show Custom CSS

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  • Updated on 9/23/20

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