What happens if my Audio Only webcast is set to Video and Audio?

Q:  My webcast is audio only but I have it set to video and audio in the webcast settings.  How will this affect the webcast and the attendee viewing?

A:  If your webcast is audio only (conference bridge/mic), it's imperative the settings are set up to reflect that.  If your webcast is set to video and audio, Studio will send an 800kbps video stream (based on the 360p default frame size) to the attendee resulting in more bandwidth usage on their network.  Audio only Studio webcasts will send 128kbps to the attendee.

If you're consistently running audio only webcasts, a webcast console template with audio only already set up is suggested.  Therefore, manual setup isn't required for each webcast.  To request a template, please complete this form https://support.notified.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


To set your webcast to audio only, follow the below steps.

1. Launch the presenter console and select Setup>Settings.


2. Under Media Type, select Audio Only followed by Save.



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