How do I configure a remote for speakers to the advance slides?

Q . How do I configure a remote for speakers to the advance slides? 

A. There are two remotes that we recommend for the speaker to use:

For a consumer level clicker,  "Logitech R400 Wireless Presenter 50 FT-Range Red Laser Pointer (910-001354)".

For something on a more professional grade,  "DSAN Corp.Perfect Cue Micro" is recommended.

Both the remotes can correspond to keyboard strokes, which is required for them to work within Studio. Studio utilizes the page up / page down buttons and the left and right arrows to advance slides. These remotes will work when the Studio presenter console is open and the browser tab is active as the main window on the screen, so long as the speaker logged into Studio has rights to move slides. Both of the recommended remotes will control the slide animation and advancement in Studio.

If another application, program or browser is selected in the forefront, the remote will not work. 

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