How do I view the console from an attendee perspective outside of the workspace editor view in Studio Webcasting?

Checking your work from the point of view of an attendee is an important step in engineering a webcast. To accomplish this, you must create a dummy staffer link with only a “Viewer” role.

From the Studio Webcasting menu for your webcast, navigate to “2 STAFFERS”:


From here, click on the big blue (+) button to add a new Staffer:


In the following menu, click on “CREATE USER”:


The next menu asks you to fill out some fields to create this new login. The only necessary fields are:



  • Name: being specific about the staffer purpose for dummy logins is important. We recommend either “Attendee View”, “Attendee”, “Viewer” or something similarly descriptive.
  • Email: This user will not be an actual person, so an email alias or dummy email is encouraged. Contact your IT team to create an email that can be used for this purpose in your tenant.
  • Login ID: We recommend using the email address as the Login ID
  • Password: Add a password you can remember


Once you have populated those fields, click “SAVE” to create the new user.


In the following menu, use the dropdown menu to add the “VIEWER” Role to this login and click “SAVE”:


Now that you’ve added this login, click on “PRESENTER CONSOLE” at the top right hand side of your browser and select the new Viewer staffer login you created to access the console and preview your work from an attendee perspective.


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