How can I moderate a group chat?

QUESTION: What options do I have for moderating a group chat?

ANSWER: You have the option to delete chat messages once they are posted and in this way you can moderate what is being posted. The staffer must be logged in to the presenter console to be able to delete a chat.



If there is a situation where an attendee continues to post unwanted chat messages, you have the option to boot them and deactivate their account to prevent them from logging back into any webcasts.

 To boot a user enter the webcast configurations of Studio Webcasting. Go to TOOLS > Users. You have filtering options to find the attendee you’re looking for. On the right side of the user's details, click the ‘Boot’ button . This action takes a couple of seconds to take effect.


To deactivate a user’s account, click on their name to see their full account details. Scroll to the end of the page and uncheck the ‘Active user’ switch.


Deactivated users will receive a login error message stating “Account is inactive” when they attempt to log in again.



Note: Depending on the registration method setup for your webcast, the deactivated user may easily create a fake account to re-enter the event. To increase security around the event you can set up domain restrictions that can help to prevent unwanted users from registering.

To set up domain restrictions:


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