How do I setup an Encoder source?

In Studio, add the ENCODER/STUDIO source.


Upon add, setup the below details, followed by SAVE. 

  • Source Title
  • Go Live Automatically (enable if the source should be added to the scene automatically upon start of the webcast)
  • Default Source Media (this will display if the source is hidden or has lost connection to Studio)


Click on the  icon, followed by Source Details.



Copy the StreamID, Stream URL and Download the Encoder Template.


Using a supported encoder, in the Output Settings insert the Stream URL and StreamID.

  • Stream URL = insert in the Address field
  • StreamID = insert in the Stream field

Upload the Encoder Template.  If the template doesn't want to upload, manually enter the below information from the template into the Encoder Presets.  

  • Video Codec (H.264)
  • Bitrate
  • Width & Height (resolution)
  • Frame Rate (FPS)
  • Profile

(The details would change based on what options are set per webcast)

Once complete, start the encoder live stream.  The ENCODER source in STUDIO will now display a preview of the live stream.  To test the live stream and audio, add the source to the scene.  This can be completed in Rehearsal Mode.

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