How to swap a slide in a presentation that is already recorded and on-demand

QUESTION: How can I swap out a slide for a new one in a presentation that has already been recorded and on-demand?


ANSWER: Swapping slides can be completed within the Media Editor of Studio. 

1. Upload the new slide to the presentation. It doesn't matter where in the presentation the slide is located. (Do not delete the old slide until all other steps have been completed.)

2. Open the Media Editor.



3. From within the media editor, while in 'Cue Point Mode', click the cue point you want to swap for the new slide.

4. A menu will pop up for configuring the cuepoint.

5. Within the slide drop down menu, pick the new slide that you want to display.

6. Once you've selected the new slide click 'SAVE' in the bottom right corner of the media editor to finalize the changes. The media editor will close automatically and you should reload the webcast to see the change.

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