What is Select Failover Source?

When setting up a Phone or Encoder source in Studio, you now have the option to enable Include Failover Source.  This provides a dual audio/video stream and an automatic failover for your webcast, giving you the reassurance that should your primary telephony or encoder feed go down, it will automatically switch to the failover source without any interruption to your webcast.


Once enabled, the phone/encoder source will display along with the failover source.

Connect the primary phone/encoder source and add it to the scene.  Once connected, the failover source will also connect.  You now have a backup source should your primary ever drop.

If the primary drops, it will no longer show as a connected source and Studio will automatically switch to the failover source. 

If at any time you need to remove the failover source, this can be done by editing the primary phone/encoder source.  Following, drop down Select Failover Source and select None.


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