Can I configure a source to dial out directly to a speakers phone?

QUESTION: Can I set up a source that dials out to a speaker's phone?

ANSWER: Yes, this would be a Direct Dial phone source.

For establishing audio backup, Direct Dial can be utilized from the Studio Presenter Console. There is no additional cost for using Direct Dial, whether it's domestic or international*.  


Direct Dial User Guide

Steps to create a direct dial phone source in Studio.

1. Click on the add new button mceclip5.png
2. Choose Phone from the list Phone_Source.png

3. Fill in the speaker’s name as the title, under conference provider, the default is Direct Dial. Choose the country code and enter the number. Click Save at the top and it’s ready to dial.
















Once the phone source is created, click the 'Make Call' button to dial out directly to the speaker.

4. The source will show as 'Ringing' until the speaker answers the call on their phone. mceclip3.png
5. Once the speaker answers the call the source controls show up for adding the source to the scene and the speaker's audio will be heard in the webcast. When completed you can hang up the call from the source or the speaker can hang up their phone as normal to end the call. mceclip4.png

Each of these sources’ audio levels can be controlled individually if needed.

Special considerations:

  • The incoming number will be +1 800 841 9000 because it’s dialing VoIP from our Chicago Data Center. No calls are accepted into this number.
  • International people will also see that number.
  • *Charges may be incurred on the speaker side if their carrier charges them for receiving international calls.
  • If you have international speakers who are concerned about being charged by their carrier, we recommend using conference lines instead.
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