Studio Q&A with Folder Panel Details

For instructions on how to use the Studio Q&A with Folder Panels, please view the following training:

Please note some of the expected behaviors:

• Some filters are "exclusive" filters and will only display items that match those priorities (eg. High, Medium, Low).


• Show Ignored, Unassigned, and New Replies remove all non-matching queries.

When "Unassigned" is toggled ON, it will remove items that are assigned to a folder, and only display unassigned items.

When "New Replies" is toggled ON, it will only display items that have new replies from attendees.


• If you are in a folder and you toggle "Unassigned" on, it will not display any results as you are basically looking in an assigned folder.

On demand events will still have active Q&A for attendees to submit questions. If any questions are published during the live event, those will appear during the on demand playback. If you do not want on demand attendees to submit questions, you can toggle the Q&A to 'off' in the settings. This will not display the Q&A panel and will prevent any on demand attendees from seeing any questions published during the live event.

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