Attendee Audio Options

Initial Setup

When setting up a webcast, the Studio webcasting tool provides 3 options for attendees to receive audio. To configure the Audio Options for your webcast, log in to the presenter console as an Admin, and from the Webcast Console Menu, navigate to SETUP and then AUDIO OPTIONS.


By default, the Audio Mode will be set to “Streaming Only (default)” and audio for the webcast will be streamed to the attendees via their browser.



The first step to activating a dial-in option is to add either a PHONE or INTEGRATED TELEPHONY source to your webcast. We suggest using your own conference line, and leaving the Integrated Telephony source as a communication bridge for trainings, dry runs, pre-call and post-webcast debrief. 



Once the source is created, populate the relevant information:



Now that you’ve completed the first step, the attendee dial-in can be activated and setup with one of the following options:

  • Dial-in only - Will only allow attendees to dial-in to receive the audio portion of the webcast. There is no option to receive the stream (audio/video) via their computer.
  • Dial-in and Streaming options - Allows the attendee to choose whether they want to dial-in or receive the stream via their computer.

Selecting either one of these options in the drop-down menu will reveal the configuration menu. Populate the following fields with the exact same information for your conference provider that you added to the PHONE source:


When you customize the Audio Options, you will also see a preview of the Audio Options box as it will display for attendees overlaid on top of the webcast console:


Pre-webcast testing and Live Day Instructions

During the webcast testing process, or during the pre-call on the live day for the webcast, click on “Make Call” in the Listen Only phone line you previously set up before going live:


Once the phone line is connected, start the webcast. Important note: the phone source should NEVER be set live in the scene.



Attendee Experience

When an attendee enters a webcast, they will have to select an audio option for the webcast from the prompt we previewed during setup. Once an attendee makes their decision and clicks JOIN, they will be taken to the webcast.

When "Dial In" is selected, the media panel will display as below.  Slides will advance in sync with the phone audio.


Changing audio selection

If an attendee mistakenly selects the incorrect audio option or would like to change their audio selection, they can do so via the Audio Options icon on the console:


 To change from streaming to dial-in, click the panel icon and select "Join" for the Dial In option.

To change from dial-in to streaming, the attendee will need to refresh their console to receive the streaming option.

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