How do I enable Keyboard Shortcuts to push slides?

Q: How do I enable Keyboard Shortcuts to push slides?

A: The Keyboard Shortcuts menu is available in the Setup menu within the Studio Presenter Console. In order to access this feature, the staffer must have the Setup View and Previous/Next Buttons features included in their role, as shown below. See the link here for additional details on this feature.

Once the staffer logs in with this role, they will need to select the cog wheel icon in the upper left to open the Setup menu. Then, they will select Keyboard Shortcuts to open the menu and enable the feature. The toggle must be selected and turn green to enable the feature.

The menu identifies what keys will be used to push slides, once the shortcuts are enabled. The user will need to be aware that anytime these keys are pushed, they will advance the slides in the webcast for all users. This setting only applies to the user who enables the feature.

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