Pre-Record Calendar Invite Template for Speakers

The following template can be used when sending a calendar invite to speakers for a pre-recorded webcast.  Adjust the text as needed to suit the format of your webcast.



Please call into the Conference Bridge and open your Access URL (using Chrome or Firefox) listed below your name.  In addition, please review the instructions listed below to ensure readiness.

Webcast Information

Client Name:  

Webcast Title:

Recording Start Time:  


Conference Bridge

Call in #:  
Conference Code: 



Access URLs - Open URL using Chrome or Firefox as your browser

 {Insert Staffer links here}


Live Day Instructions

  1. Dial in at time listed in meeting request/invite
  2. Have a computer with audio
  3. Have a hardwired internet connection
  4. Close any additional computer programs or web pages that are not needed for the presentation
  5. Use a supported browser when accessing the presenter console
  6. Be able to stream and view at least 750 KBPS
  1. Webcam Presentations
    • When you log in, you will be prompted to allow your webcam and microphone
    • Turn off your VPN
    • Use a Hardwired Internet Connection
    • Do not use the internal microphone on your computer, use an external desktop USB microphone
  1. Phone Bridge Presentations
    • Please use a Desktop Phone with a handset or good quality headset
    • No Cell Phones, Speakerphones or Skype
  1. If experiencing issues when attempting to connect to the presenter console, please run the WebRTC test link below to confirm your network support WebRTC.
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