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Presenters can now go live from their iOS device with the Studio Presenter app in the iOS App Store. This allows presenters to access Studio from anywhere and participate in video and audio, or audio only, webcasts and interact with viewers through the group chat. Android devices are not currently supported.


Presenters will authenticate into the Studio App by using the highlighted GUID string from the staffer link as shown below. This GUID should be sent to the staffer who will be the presenter via the mobile app.



Inside the mobile presenter app, the speaker can preview their video prior to going live, select which camera they would like to use (front or rear), and adjust the video/audio settings. Additionally, the speaker can participate in both the group chat and the presenter chat.

Once the webcast is live, the speaker will be able to view all sources in the stream and be able to speak to the slides being shown in the scene.

mceclip2.png mceclip3.png

Additionally, as additional video sources are added to the scene, the presenter can interact with other presenters in real-time creating a broadcast-style interview from any location or device.



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