Setting Up the Interprefy Widget

Interprefy is Brandlive’s partner that provides audio translations within Studio.

For languages that are not supported by the Interprefy Audio Track Source, a widget can be added to the webcast. Here are the steps to setting up an Interprefy widget in your webcast.


Getting Started/ Setup

1. Connect with your Interprefy Project Manager to start the process.

2. The below information will need to be provided to Interprefy for each webcast:

  • Two viewer links for each webcast
  • The live date, time, and duration of the webcast
  • The languages needed for each webcast
  • The webcast title
  • The webcast abstract, speaker bios, and any additional reference materials that will be useful to the interpreters

3. Setup the Interprefy panel in the webcast layout.

4. Interprefy will provide a token to be configured in the Inteprefy panel in the webcast layout.

  • Example:



Attendee Experience

When an attendee enters the webcast, within the Interprefy panel, they will be prompted to select the audio language they want to hear.

Attendees will need to mute the audio coming through the Studio media window.



  • Interprefy is not supported for On Demand
  • Interprefy is not supported on IE 11 or mobile devices
  • If your webcast has any language track sources that were created but will not be used, please remove them before the live event.



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