Can Webex be used as an Encoder to stream to the Studio?

Can Webex be used as an Encoder to stream to the Studio?

A:  Yes, it can be connected just like any other encoder to platform, however it requires that the Live Stream option be available on the Webex Account in question.  More information on the feature can be found here: 

To Live Stream from the Webex platform first make sure that the option is available from within the Webex meeting by going to more options.  If it is not available a Webex Admin may be able to add it.  


Click on the Start live streaming option and it will open a new window asking where to stream the meeting.  To connect the stream to the platform choose Other streaming services.


Once Other streaming services is chosen it will open the Other streaming service information window.


From here enter the Streaming Service name, the stream link from the platform, and the Stream Key from the platform.  The streaming layout can also be changed from this window.  The Start streaming button should then populate once all the information has been entered.  Click Start streaming and verify the stream is being received in the Studio/Platform.  As with other encoders that work in this way, the Solutions Support has limited troubleshooting options as it is all handled by Webex.

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