Studio Q&A Panel Best Practices

The Studio Q&A Panel is a great tool for presenters and staff to communicate with attendees during a webcast. To maximize efficiency and results with this feature, we have compiled a list of general best practices we recommend.


Assign a Moderator

Decide amongst your internal team who will moderate the Q&A panel. We suggest designating at least one person specifically to Q&A, to ensure all questions can be answered timely and accurately.

Within the webcast, add or create the Q&A moderator in the Staffers tab.mceclip0.png

Assign the Staffer a role that includes “Q&A,” such as Admin, Moderator, Speaker, Staffer, and Q&A Only (Note: The default Q&A Only role does not have access to the presenter console features such as the Presenter Chat or Attendee Count). You may also customize the role by selecting “Custom” and enabling permissions as needed.



Don’t forget to Save!


Expand the Q&A Panel

 Enter the Presenter Console as a Staffer with “Q&A” permissions.


Click on the expand button in the top right corner of the Q&A panel.



Adjust Setting Filters

Click the cog in the top right corner to open Settings.


Select the priority levels you wish to keep track of.


Enable specific features to display different types of questions submitted. For example, you may choose whether to view questions that have already been answered or assigned by a moderator.


Enable Attendee View if you wish to see a display of messages that attendees see. Please note that all answered questions will display but the attendee view can vary by attendee based on private or published answers.




Publish Questions to Display for All Viewers

Select the question you want to answer by clicking on it.

If a message submitted does not need an answer, you can choose to “Publish without answer.”


To publish both the question and answer, select a predefined answer or enter a new one.


Disable the “Private” toggle and click Save to publish.



Prioritize Questions

Each question gives you to option to prioritize it by high, medium, or low. Click the appropriate selection. Questions will automatically arrange with the highest priority appearing at the top.


The Ignore button can also be useful to filter out irrelevant or duplicate questions. Ignoring a question will fade the text, if not filtered out in Settings previously.



Create Folders to Organize Questions

We recommend creating a “Technical Questions” folder and a “Presenter Questions” folder so different question types may be addressed quickly and easily by a designated moderator.

To create a folder, click the blue “+” button.


Enter the Folder Name and Save.


To assign questions to a folder, select the folder name from the drop-down.




Pause Incoming Questions

If you have too many questions coming in at one time, you can pause incoming questions from your view to focus on a few at a time. Pausing questions will not prevent new questions from being submitted. It will only pause your view from updating in real-time until the pause button has been disabled.

To pause incoming questions from your personal view, click on the pause button in the top right corner of the panel.


To re-allow incoming questions in your personal view, click on the play button in the top right corner of the panel.


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