How to Upload Slides – Presenter Console

Studio gives you the ability to upload slides, pictures and videos into the Slide List from Presenter Console. To do this, you must be logged in to the Presenter Console as a Staffer, Speaker, Moderator or Admin.

PowerPoint Files

Before uploading your slides, please ensure that you check the slide requirements on the Studio/Speaker Help guide here.

1. Once inside the Presenter Console, click on the Content menu then click Slides. 



2. Click Slide List. Then the blue + icon. And choose PowerPoint from the dropdown.


3. Drag and drop your file into the PowerPoint Upload area or click Choose File, then Save. This will start the upload and conversion process. 

Note: If you are re-uploading a PowerPoint presentation of the same name, we recommend that you change the file name prior to uploading, to prevent caching issues.


4. To set a welcome slide for viewers to see before the webcast goes live:

- Click on the pencil icon on the thumbnail of the slide.

- Toggle 'Set as welcome slide' ON and Save. 


- You can also re-order all slides by dragging them in the slide list.


5. Finally, preview each slide in the Slides panel to check that it has rendered as expected.



Image Collection

If you wish to upload your slides as JPEG, GIF, or PNG, please follow the same steps as above, selecting 'Image Collection' from the blue + dropdown.

2. Drag and drop them into the image collection area and click on Save. 


Video Slides

We recommend uploading videos separately into the Slide List. Embedding videos into PowerPoint slides can cause errors and diminish the user experience.

Before you upload your video slides, please ensure that you check the Video slide requirements on this link

To upload a Video slide, please follow the same steps as above, selecting 'Video' from the blue + dropdown. Then drag and drop your video file to the Video Upload area and click Save. 

Note: When a video slide is played in Presenter Console, it is muted for staffers by default so as not to enter their microphone audio. It is possible to manually unmute. Viewers will hear the audio by default. 

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